Exterior Walls

* Pre-primed fiber-cement siding or engineered siding. (Long lasting, low maintenance, reduced use of forest products.)

* Low Voc paints, water based.
* “Oriented strand board” sheathing, where sheer strenghth is needed.(Strong, long-lasting, uses reprocessed forest products and saves trees.)
* 2×6 studs placed 16″ on center. (A more stable, consistent and straighter engineered wood product that helps to eliminate nail pops and saves trees by using shorter pieces of material.)
* Gypsum wall board with recycled paper. (Uses recycled materials.)

* Vinyl framed, insulated windows with LowE2 glass, flashed to prevent air and water intrusion. (Saves energy, quieter, never needs painting.)

* Exterior house wrap. (To help protect against the elements.)