Common Questions

Common Questions

How much home  can we afford (contact us and we will point you in the right direction)

What if we want  one of your homes and we do not know what we can afford. (No problem we will hold for you until you speak with a Lender)

Can we pick our house  plans  (Yes)

What if we like anotherhouse  plan can we have you build this plan for us  (Yes)

Can we pick out our Building  Lot to have you Build a home for us. (Of Course)

We want to pick out our own colors (No problem)

We want to purchase our own appliances ( You can remember you may not  receive the discount we can get for you)

Does the home come with a hard surface driveway and walkways (yes)

How long does it take to build  one of your  home plans . (Depends on the size and location usually 75 to 90 days from start of construction.)

How long does it take to build a custom home? (Custom homes vary depending on the size and location. for more information contact us)

If your question do not appear please email us with your questions, at